Luvienz® combines a Grand Cru Blancs de Blanc with Ossetra Caviar.
Favorite grape of the Côte des Blancs, Chardonnay wines are characterized by delicate aromas, floral notes,
citrus, sometimes mineral. The finesse of its bubbles blends perfectly with the iodized touch of the Caviar.

Grapes : 100% chardonnay Grands Crus vineyards in Côte des Blancs
Blending: 86% with wines of the year, 14% with reserve wines
Ageing: 36 to 48 months

The Ossetra Caviar selected by Luvienz® is characterized by its melting grains of dark hues. The marine flavors,
delicate buttery notes and hints of dried fruits offer a perfectly balanced bouquet of flavors.

Latin name: Acipensergueldenstaedtii
Colour: Dark amber
Origins: Europe

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